Flesh of the Simpsons

Bart finds a cursed video game, Homer goes on a diet, and Millhouse is unexpectedly eaten alive. What else could happen? Find out in FLESH OF THE SIMPSONS....
14cm x 20cm
20 pages

There are two covers to choose from -

Variant Cover A (Three colour, simpsons family on street)

Variant Cover B (Two colour, pink pattern with blue face)

Interior pages are printed in Blue ink on off white paper.
Risograph Printed by FRUITCAKE PRESS on recycled paper.


A four panel comic, designed to be read over a spread (although I have presented it as a strip).

It is based on the theme of 'before'. Had this crazy idea that a jungle of weird creatures sort of develops into a human-like civilisation.

DONUT BOY - Episode 2

DONUT BOY - Episode 2, originally uploaded by benjaminography.

Via Flickr:
A second Donut Boy Poster comic. One of a couple of comics I knocked out as examples for my portfolio.

It will get printed in a sort of personal anthology for Bristol Comic Expo next week.

I'm not sure if a certain publisher minded me bastardising their mascot. If you ever find a pile of torn flesh and boots in my flat then you will know the answer.


Got an email from one of the gentleman at NOBROW the other week (well about two months ago) asking to see more narrative work.

I don't think they realised I had only ever finished one poster comic, so made this portfolio box thing to make up for it (a mere 50 days later). The Batt Herr Comic, Nasty Isaac, Donut Boy 2 and the resin figures were all made new. The other stuff was old work.

I think it worked. I got an excited, yet ill timed call a day after it arrived when I was being served at Tesco.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett, originally uploaded by benjaminography.
Via Flickr:
My piece in a STAR WARS exhibition which opens tomorrow.

Both are about 14" high. Made from 5mm and 3mm Plywood.

More info www.thehanggang.co.uk/blog/news/star-wars-may-the-4th-ful...


Bossk, originally uploaded by benjaminography.
Via Flickr:
My piece for a STAR WARS exhibition which opens tomorrow.

About 14" high. Made from 5mm and 3mm Plywood.

More info www.thehanggang.co.uk/blog/news/star-wars-may-the-4th-ful...

Donut Boy Stuff!

Badges and Resin Figures!

Three different sizes.

Large - 3.5"
Medium - 2.5"
Small - 2"

Vader and Stormtrooper heads

Work in Progress photos for my piece in the 'May the 4th be with you' exhibition in Leeds in (you guessed it) early May. These are both going to be an edition of 5 almost identical Darth Vader and Stormtrooper heads, approx 15cm high. They have little loops at the top for easy hanging.

Some really good folks are participating including my buddy Isaac Lenkiewicz. More details on the show can be found here.

BATT HERR - Part 3

Via Flickr:


NASTY ISAAC, originally uploaded by benjaminography.

A poster-comic based on a dream my girlfriend had about our friend Isaac Lenkiewicz. Just to calrify, he wasn't naked in the dream, but it sort of added to the persona of the crazed alter ego.

Donut Boy Figures WIP - fronts and butts

Via Flickr:

Three different sizes for three sort of different purposes.

Large - 4" high
Medium - 2.5" high
Small - 2" high

These are about to be moulded up for some intensive resin casting! So keep an eye out!

The Batt Herr - Part 2

The second part of BATT HERR. Catch part 1 here.
Will be for sale very soon!

Batt Herr is Finished!

BATT HERR is FINISHED! To celebrate here is the front cover for your pleasure. Part 2 will be uploaded in a few days, as well as some photographs of the comic in print!

Read Part 1 here

The Batt Herr - Part 1

SO SO close to finishing BATT HERR. A story that was conceived nearly a year ago but never properly started. The full comic book should be completed by the end of the week.

Travelling Ladies

A series of illustrations for a Suitcase Company aimed at modern women, whilst maintaining a vintage appeal.

100 Insults

Something silly I've started over on my twitter. The idea is to illustrate an insult everyday, whilst also trying to turn it on its head.

Donut Boy Badges Wallpaper

Decorate your desktop with this superb Donut Boy Badge wallpaper!

2011 in 16 thumbanils

Reflecting on 2011. I brought together 16 pieces of work which show the best lessons and turning points of this year. Got up to quite a few weird things overall. Not as much work as I would have liked, but I think I have a much better idea now where things will be going in 2012....

Click the pictures and see where they go!