2011 in 16 thumbanils

Reflecting on 2011. I brought together 16 pieces of work which show the best lessons and turning points of this year. Got up to quite a few weird things overall. Not as much work as I would have liked, but I think I have a much better idea now where things will be going in 2012....

Click the pictures and see where they go!

Donut Boy Risographs!

After many months of anxious suspence, I can finally and proudly present to you ...

An A3 two-colour Risograph Print.

Here it is in non-risograph format so you can read it.
Click to see a larger version and let me know what you think!

26 Stories of XMAS

Something I was asked to do a while ago.

Its a fab story by Gillian Colhoun, definitly check it out!

Christmas Shenanigans